sweetness and sweet moments | weddings

still haven’t looked through all 600+ photos (!!!) from the wedding day.. and realistically, it may not happen until after we get back to China and I’m back on my happy (much faster) desktop computer.
But thought I’d still post a couple more…

of a cute little flower girl (wink)

flower girl

and love this shot I caught of a few of the groomsmen so happily looking towards the newlyweds – it’s particularly special because these groomsmen are also Tien’s 2 brothers + Mel’s brother.  Funny, I think we have a very similar shot from our wedding of Tien & Ernie (Luke’s brothers/groomsmen)


tien+mel | weddings

we spent last weekend in picturesque annapolis, celebrating my brother-in-law’s wedding.  congratulations tien and mel!  yay!! 
was wonderful to see these two get married, along with seeing lots of family.

still have to upload half the pictures, but here’s a few initial pictures. 



it was a beautiful day, though perhaps a little on the windy side (these poor bystanders got attacked by mel’s veil… but makes for a great moment)


Ann - Beautiful images of the bride and groom! I love the veil and their expressions!

carollai - love it! 🙂 yay!!! congrat’s to the happy couple.



just a simple post of firsts
first picture taken with my new camera
– on our first day back to the US
– of the first snowfall we got to see this winter
(don’t really get snow in Ningbo, but can always count on snow in Michigan, even when it should be spring)

Sarah Wheeler - I hope you love your new camera, and this year spring break looked a lot more like Christmas vacation, LOL!

taking off

just about to board our flight back to the States (yay for free wireless at the airport). 
spent the past few days in Shanghai, seeing friends, eating, wandering, taking photos all along the way.  hopefully, i’ll find time to post more about it another time.
see some of you soon!

shanghai child photographer

cathy - what a handsome little boy!

guest blogger | a kid’s perspective

hello.  this is hannah.  i decided to take over this blog for a little bit while mama is frantically trying to pack up to go back to meiguo (that’s chinese for US).
since mama is always taking pictures, i decided i wanted to be behind the camera for once instead of always in front of it.  good thing my nice cousins gave me my own camera a while back.  i recently rediscovered it. one day i took a whole bunch of pictures (all my own ideas and vision) so i decided to share a few to show you a day in the life of me.  welcome to my world…


highlights included: reading a book, skyping with grandma & grandpa, baking, wandering around the house, hiding in my room while spying on these solicitors that came to talk to mama at the door, taking lots of pictures of mama (mostly leg, tummy, and butt shots…), and sometimes having mama take pictures of me.

tomorrow we leave for shanghai and then in a few days we’ll go to meiguo.  i am excited!

carollai - fun! so very cute. 🙂 oooh. exciting about meiguo. it’ll be nice to be back!

cornelia - hi hannah!! i can’t wait to see you! you’re growing up so fast. so do you remember me? hehee 😉 what did you bake there? it looks really yummy