just for fun

there are so many possible blog entries that go through my head throughout the week… unfortunately my most recent photos that i want to blog about like to sit on my computer or memory card untouched for quite a while before i get to them. =)  been busy getting ready for my michigan sessions, as well as life in general. 
so while i try to catch up on things, thought i’d share this picture that i happened to come across tonight.  it’s from a little while back, but made me smile.  we were visiting friends in boston and had an impromptu photo session, which quickly turned to this…

lifestyle children photography

the things we let our kids do for the sake of a good picture.  =)

joanne - thanks for the fun times!

Sarah Wheeler - How fun! This is totally adorable 🙂

Alyssa Turner - Too cute!! I LOVE this picture. Cute pig tails…very fun!

random musings about an almost 3 yr old


~ she wants to do my pregnancy workout dvd more often than i do
~ she has been asking for the past 2+ months when it’ll be her birthday. (it’s not until april)  when i ask her what she wants to do when it’s her birthday, she says she wants mama and baba to sing her “happy birthday”.  such simple requests.  =)
~ even more often, she asks when she will have a baby in her tummy… not until you’re grown up and married.
~ her current favorite story is the gingerbread man, even though she says it’s a qiguai de gushi (strange story)  – we’ve read it everyday for maybe a week before naptime and bedtime.

happy friday everyone.

cornelia - oooh SOOOOO cute! i can’t wait to see you all 😉

Jennifer Mott - Congrats on your pregnancy!! I was just checking up on blogs tonight and saw your great news!!

Michigan Sessions – now open for booking | Metro Detroit Area Child Photographer

Well, our plane tickets are booked and we are headed to Michigan in less than a month. 

So I am now also scheduling a limited number of sessions while I am in town during the month of April.  Yay!! 

Edit: I have a couple openings remaining.  Please contact me for possible dates.

Packages start at $225.  Please email me for a complete package and pricing list.

C’mon, you know you want to… (at least that’s what I think this boy is trying to say…)


Can’t wait to see many of you soon!

carollai - hey anita,
so you’ve moved here. 🙂 alritey, i shall follow.
i’m SO excited about baby #2. and happy to hear your trip was enjoyable. will ‘p’ for the things you asked for in the update.
hugs to you all.

btw… check out my blogspot and my etsy. it’s a new venture!

how to efficiently stalk your favorite blogs | a public service announcement

i admit that i follow quite a few blogs – particularly photography-related ones.  when i first started stalking  following blogs, i would randomly go through my different bookmarked blogsites and anxiously see if there was a new update… sucking away much time uploading different blogs, often disappointed to find out they had not been updated since i last checked 2 minutes ago.  =)

but then i discovered Google Reader… ahhh…  This lovely thing basically allows you to read all your favorite blogs in a single interface, without having to go directly to each blog’s site.  I now just read all my blogs via Reader.  And even better, you can easily see when there is a new post, so you never miss out on anything or needlessly check for updates.  Just copy and paste your fav blogs’ url addresses into your subscription list and you’re good to go.  So go check it out and of course, feel free to add this blog to your list so you don’t miss out on all these announcements and images i’ve been posting.  (hint hint)
(Reader also allows me to follow fun contests and giveaways like this. )

If all this seems too fancy for you, did you know you can also read posts from my blog via email?  Check out the little window at the bottom right corner of my blog to subscribe.

A couple warnings about Reader though.  1) While it saves me time not having to jump from blog to blog for updates, i now read so many more blogs than before because it’s that easy.  haha.  so probably not saving much more time…   2) You can’t leave comments on a blog when you read it through Reader, so do come back to my actual site once in a while and leave some love.  =) 

So what kind of blogs do you guys like to follow?

Finally, for those who just come looking for pictures… here’s a couple cuties I got to see when we were in Hong Kong.  Love the different personalities showing through.  Thanks for the cement picnic guys!  =)


cornelia - haha 🙂 thus far i’m only following a short list. there are just TOO many food blogs out there. so none for me. just comments and pictures for friends. hehee

Princess S - Thanks for lovin’ my cuties! I’ll have to make sure Queen E sees this!

carollai - woohoo! thanks for the google reader tip. i was SHOCKED at the ease. 🙂


what? yet another announcement?  yes.

this one is a little more on a personal note.  though many of you know by now, we are thrilled to announce that we are expecting again!  ETA for baby #2 is august 3rd.  oh boy, the adventures just keep coming…

and after tinkering with my scanner for over an hour, since it suddenly decided to not work for me… i can share with you our 12 week ultrasound.  =) 


any suggestions for names?  fyi, we don’t plan to find out at the moment whether it’s a boy or girl. 
interestingly, i have heard that it’s standard practice here to *not* allow parents to know the baby’s gender ahead of time.

cornelia - congrats!! 😉 hello baby!

yeah i guess on account of culture and other things it’s better to be surprised by gender. but that could be really fun too. does that mean you’d want a name that could go either way?

or maybe you’ll have a dream and know. my mom didn’t have an ultrasound to tell her but she had dreams. hehee

mm - wow ! I can see the facial feature and big forehead and those toes already !! exciting !

Sarah Wheeler - Congratulations to all of you!!!

Jodi - Awww. Im excited.