Monthly Archives: May 2009

back home

well, after 2 nice months in the US, we are back to our home here in China.  of course, we were sad to leave certain comforts, familiarities, people, and the abundance of playgrounds… but then coming back here is starting to have certain familiarities too… so maybe that means being here is also like being […]

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i never met a tobey that i didn’t like

since our stay in the US got extended, i was lucky enough to make a trip to pittsburgh and meet this little guy. the scarf on the left is a piece from some beautiful indian garb from dad’s side of the family that tobey doesn’t quite fit into yet.  and the blanket on the right […]

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made brownies the other day

… can you tell? amongst other things, figured we’d try to take advantage of the ease of baking (e.g. being able to buy brownie mix, having full size oven) while we’re in the US  =)

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