i never met a tobey that i didn’t like

since our stay in the US got extended, i was lucky enough to make a trip to pittsburgh and meet this little guy.


the scarf on the left is a piece from some beautiful indian garb from dad’s side of the family that tobey doesn’t quite fit into yet.  and the blanket on the right was hand-knitted by mom (good job!).  and i couldn’t resist this onesie.  ok, sorry if i am starting to sound like a catalog.

and though he was less than a couple weeks old, here is his classic old man face. =)


so glad we got to stick around long enough to meet tobey!  i’ve known mom since freshmen year of college, so it’s extra special to meet this new addition.  thanks for letting us visit.  =)

carollai - oh he’s so cute! baby bum and all. 🙂

lily - so glad you could visit. love the pics! and what a cute baby! =P

Sarah Wheeler - darling photos anita, and i’m glad that you guys have been having such a great trip!

jenn - so sweet 🙂 i love the pieces you have in the pictures with him, too!

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