with Christmas just a few days away, i thought it’d be fitting to post a few newborn photos i took during Kaylah’s first month (and only just very recently got around to processing)
quite incredible to think that He was willing to come into this world as a tiny babe like this, completely vulnerable and dependent on others.

for unto us a Child is born…

Christmas is definitely not a big ordeal in these parts.  i think we may be the only ones in our apartment complex with a Christmas tree and lights on each night (at least from what i can see from our windows).  there is no hustle and bustle of christmas gift shopping…although there are random santa claus and christmas tree decorations in some storefronts.  no christmas music playing 24 hours a day.  it is not a standard holiday, so everyone is still working.  business as usual.  in some ways, it feels strange to me.

but then i realized… i guess that is how things were on the first Christmas Eve.  everyone just going about their usual day-to-day things, business as usual.  not knowing that in a small town, in a manger, under the most humble circumstances, a too-wonderful-for-words thing was happening.

diana - i love the contrast in textures in the third print!

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