i feel like this photo says “look at me!” and so i keep looking at it.  =)  but i guess i am biased.

we are headed off to Hong Kong tomorrow for Chinese New Year (CNY).  CNY around here is kind of like Christmas time in the US.  It is the longest holiday that everyone gets off from work.  there is a mass exodus back to your hometown to be with your family.  for many people, this may be the only time during the year that they see their family.  since our families are a little too far away and we were just there last month, we’ll be going to HK instead.  there is also big shopping time, as people buy gifts to take home.  so stores are busy running promotions.  and tonight at the supermarket, there was a special area selling various products in nice gift packaging just for CNY – the most popular products there?  vitamins and chocolates.
yesterday, when i went to the local market, there were tons of vendors outside selling live chickens (how i wish i had my camera on me!).  i guess that is another popular item to take back to the family.  i actually think i saw someone giving someone else a (live or recently live) chicken in a gift box as i drove through a neighborhood last night.
and CNY would not be complete without TONS of firecrackers going off everywhere on the streets and in front of people’s homes… i guess somewhat like the 4th of July only much louder.

we’ve been busy this past month with traveling and good friends visiting.  and now off we go to HK… but when we get back, i promise to start posting more than just my girls… but of course there will still be posts of them too =)

Cornelia Tsang - hehee – love the picture! have fun in HK 😉 and happy new year. i had lots of fun in CA and oscar is *such* a cutie!

Mm - She is soooo cute, can’t stop looking at her. Have fun in HK.

joanne - love love this photo!

Jodi - aww how cute. I think Hannah is teaching her how to pose for the camera. Happy Chinese New Year

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