i think her onesie says it all | jiaxing baby photographer

our little one really is our hug machine and we can’t get enough of her.  i can’t believe how quickly she is growing so i soaking in (and squeezing and hugging) as much of her baby-ness that i can.  can you tell she is a happy baby?
i was pleased to get this shot with my girls too, as i spend most of my time on the other side of the camera.  thanks luke for capturing this, and entertaining my obsession of photographing our family.  i will treasure this shot and this stage.    =)

carol - i love it! 🙂 your girls are soooo very cute. aww…

Mm - love the pictures, it is soooo sweet. Love the twinkles in the eyes.

jean smith - love that second shot…in the moment…PERFECTION!

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