sometimes it just takes one click

sometimes i purposefully have little photoshoots of my girls.  i get them dressed a certain way, i choose a certain location, i have a certain look in mind.  thankfully, they still find all this entertaining, like a game.  during these photoshoots, sometimes i will take tens to 100+ images, trying to capture that certain look i have in mind.

but sometimes, we just happen to be out somewhere, enjoying life, and i pull out my camera and click.  just one click and it’s good.  i’ve captured my girl in that candid moment – no posing, no directions – and i’m happy.

this particular one was during a field trip last week with her school. (how do you like the bright school uniforms?)

Cornelia Tsang - lovely smile! i was wondering where you got that outfit from! lol

connie - hannah is looking more and more like you as she gets older. and yes, love the bright school uniforms! it probably helps the teachers spot the kids easily on field trips! =)

jean smith - it’s been awhile! how is life in china?!?!?!? you know i am still jealous, right? we just had some other friends move to shanghai in the past few months and it makes me miss it even more! your little one is ADORABLE. great capture!

Jenny Warns - I miss my nieces!!!

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