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Playing dress-up at this baby’s six month session.

If you are a new mom, wondering at what point should I schedule a photography session for my baby, here is what I consider some highlights about photographing babies at six months:
– six-month-olds are very interactive, naturally curious, and quick to smile
– they (usually) aren’t mobile yet, often just starting to sit up on their own (i.e. can snap photos without baby running too far too fast)
– all that pudginess and cuteness that embodies babies is arguably at its peak

This girl’s mommy has been faithful about regularly scheduling photo sessions for both of her kids. It is a privilege to see them grow through different milestones.  And as a family, it is awesome to have a collection of images to look back on over the years.

If you are considering scheduling sessions at regular intervals for your children, I recommend the following guideline:
– From 0 – 2 years old: once every 6 months, starting with a newborn session*
– From 3 years and older: once a year

*If you want to be even more thorough in capturing baby’s different stages of development, you can also add in a three month and nine month session.

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